Positive Attitude at School and Home is Regardful


The success of a good student is the pride of every
parent and teachers. We wish that every student
should take as an example as this young student’s positive
attitude that rewarded her special thanking from
her teachers and uncle.

Dear Sowda,

Sowda Abdi Shire

I want to tell you that I am proud of you. You are
the one of the sweetest niece that I have ever known. I
love it when you look at me with your dark brown eyes.
I love when you sit and listen to your grandmother/mom
and dad. I love the way you entertain your grandmother.
I love the way you translate her everything she needs
when she could not understand English. I love when
you run to your dad and mom as if you will never see them
again. I love when you write your school stories with your
best effort. I love when you pick up the trash and clean
the kitchen and stack up the chairs. I just want to say that
“You are wonderful!” Please stay this way forever.
Love from your Uncle, Mahdi Taakilo