Roads closed, security forces deployed ahead of parliament meeting in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU (HOL) – Major roads in Mogadishu have this morning been sealed off and scores of security forces deployed ahead of the resumption of proceedings at the Lower House amid heightened fears MPs could pass a vote to extend the term of President Mohamed Farmaajo.

The paramilitary unit, Haram’ad has been stationed at Debka junction through to Daljir Dahsoon monument blocking entry to parliament buildings and Villa Somalia.

There have been reports that the 15 MPs who were suspended last week by speaker Mohamed Mursal could attempt to make way into the chamber.

Attempts by the international community to convince Farmaajo and Mursal against parliament meeting failed Tuesday evening in what underlies a further political fall out and a difficult road ahead towards solving the electoral stalemate.

The opposition has accused Mursal, a close ally of Farmaajo of using parliament to secure the president’s extended stay in office.

The international community had sought a delay of parliament meetings to allow the ongoing talks room for further debate.

However, Mursal agreed to a two days window period which has since elapsed with no concrete resolution.