Somali government says no plans underway against Sadaq John


Mogadishu (HOL) – Somalia’s security minister Hassan Hundubey Jimale says the government has no intentions of taking action against former Banadir regional police commander Sadaq John.

There were reports from anxious residents that tensions were heightened after Sadak John returned to the Shirkole neighbourhood in the Hodan district on Friday evening. There were also reports of troop movement in the city as dozens of residents took part in an anti-Farmajo demonstration in the Shirkole neighbourhood.

Hundubey dismissed accusations that the government was planning an operation in Shirkole as rumours. The security minister told a news conference at midnight that if the government had planned to arrest Sadaq John, it would have taken action much sooner.

“The government calls on those who are fabricating an impending government assault on Sadaq John to give up and realize that the government has no plans to take any action,” Hundubey said.

The security minister also accused officials, including lawmakers, of working to disband the national army. He said there was no need at this time to send reverse the national army gains and return to an era of clan militias.

Earlier this week, Mogadishu’s Deputy Mayor and Security Commissioner Ali Abdi Wardere (Ali Yare) appeared on state media to reassure Mogadishu residents that the city was calm. His comments came as lawmakers forecasted an impending attack on Sadaq John. It was reported President of Galmudug, Ahmed Abdi Karie ‘Qoor Qoor’ mediated between John’s camp and the federal government and assured John’s safety.

Sadak John was a Brigadier General and Mogadishu’s Police Commander until Tuesday when he was stripped of his rank and privilege by President Farmajo for suspending parliament in an unsuccessful bid to thwart Farmajo’s attempts at a term extension.