Somali PM travels to Djibouti for Omar Guelleh’s inauguration


MOGADISHU (HOL) –  Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble is in Djibouti City on Saturday to attend the inauguration of Djibouti president Omar Guelleh.

Roble travelled to the neighbouring country on Friday and will be joining other regional leaders. Somaliland president Muse Bihi also arrived in Djibouti Friday for the event.

Guelleh was first elected as president in 1999, with an endorsement from his predecessor and uncle Hassan Gouled Abtidon. He has since been elected in subsequent elections, with the 2011 round largely boycotted by the opposition over alleged large-scale irregularities.

Roble’s travel to Djibouti comes barely two days after President Mohamed Farmaajo arrived from Uganda, where he had attended his counterpart’s inauguration.

The Farmaajo administration has had frosty relations with Djibouti in recent years.

Somalia accused Djibouti and Kenya of collusion in ‘doctoring’ an IGAD report in February. The report was based on a fact-finding mission to examine Somalia’s claims that Kenya has breached its border exonerated Nairobi of wrongdoing.