Somalia launches construction of aircraft maintenance facility


MOGADISHU (HOL) – Somalia will soon be able to conduct aircraft maintenance thanks to the planned construction of a maintenance and repair facility at Aden Adde Airport in Mogadishu in what now elevates the airport’s status towards meeting international standards.

Transport and civil aviation minister Duran Farah laid the foundation stone Saturday for the construction of the facility noting this was a step n developing the airport.

“I have laid down the foundations to the maintenance center for aeroplanes that will be implemented at Aden Adde International Airport. This is one of the many steps the ministry has undertaken for the development of the airport,” Farah said.

He added that with the ongoing registration of airlines, there was a need to improve the capacity of the airport owing to increasing air traffic.

According to a banner during the stone laying ceremony, the construction of the maintenance facility will be done by Aerosom company Ltd.

The construction of an Aircraft Maintenance Facility is critical in ensuring the airport can be able to conduct repair and maintenance practices thus boosting the confidence of the airport within the aviation industry.