Kenya Warns Of Full Lockdown On Kenya-Somalia Airspace


Kenya has warned of a possible declaration of a full lockdown on all flights operating on the Kenya-Somalia airspace.
Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has noticed the “misuse of humanitarian flights for bilateral and political matters contrary to the NOTAM and public notice to missions, that air communication between Kenya and Somalia had been stood down.”
The ministry reiterated that humanitarian flights must strictly be used for humanitarian purposes to avoid a possible declaration of a full lockdown on all flights.

Last month, Kenya suspended all flights to Somalia, with the exception of humanitarian deliveries and medical evacuation flights, according to a notice by the aviation regulator, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

In the latest statement by Kenya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs insisted that for humanitarian flights, it must be furnished with the list of passengers and goods to be transported to Somalia before clearance is issued.