Brandon Simmons tried to divide the people. He has no business on Columbus school board.

  • David Madison left the world a better place
  • Bill preserves future
  • Simmons has no business remaining on board

Simmons has no business remaining on board

Concerning the probe of the leaked memo from Columbus Board of Education member Brandon Simmons: Board President Christina Vera said the board was taking the unusual step of releasing privileged documents to help rebuild trust within the district.

The best way to rebuild trust? Fire Simmons.

All he apparently does is try to divide the people within the district and board, calling to drive a wedge between the district’s two unions and even making last minute changes of the location of public meetings to keep opponents confused.

The reasons go on and on. Please help me understand why Brandon Simmons is in this position.

Brad Strominger, Etna

Longtime Bexley Mayor David Madison in his later years enjoying lobster with family in this handout photo from his family. Madison died Saturday, June 1, 2024, at age 92.

David Madison left the world a better place

I was saddened to learn of the passing of David Madison, long-serving mayor of Bexley. 

He and I worked closely together while I served as senior pastor of the Bexley United Methodist Church. 

He was the embodiment of what a “public servant” should be. With his wisdom, wit, compassion, and concern, he guided our community through whatever challenges we were facing. He was present whenever there was a tragic loss and often spoke at memorial services, as I did.

I recall many times after a storm or heavy rain struck our area, Mayor Madison was present in several neighborhoods, coordinating the response and offering comfort and counsel to affected families. 

His generous spirit led to his longtime involvement with local and regional organizations that address the needs of the less fortunate.

He inspired us to pull together to keep Bexley a wonderful place to live, to raise our families, and to volunteer our time, talent, and treasure to improve the quality of life for all. He did all of this with his approachability and his earthy humor that endeared him to all who met him. 

He was my friend, and my life would have been greatly impoverished had I not met him.

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Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Russ Clark, Columbus

Snoopy hit all the notes

Hats off to Charles Schultz for his June 6, Peanuts “cartoon” commemorating D-Day.

Daniel Brown, Columbus

Defund the Police by John Darkow, Columbia Missourian

Bill would preserve energy for the future

As a Christian faith leader, I believe being good stewards of the Earth God provided is not just an ethical issue, but a biblical one. We also must defend the health of God’s people, especially his children. Because of this belief, I support House Bill 79, the energy efficiency bill.

There are many benefits to energy efficiency such as reducing the strain on our power grid, lowering energy bills, and reducing pollution, which defends our children’s health. This bipartisan bill allows utilities to resume energy efficiency programs if they wish. The last few years without an energy efficiency bill has resulted in Ohioans losing $890 million in savings.

HB 79 is not a mandate; rather both utilities and consumers can choose whether to participate. Also, it saves ratepayers between $1.30 and $1.90 for every dollar invested. We have seen energy prices rise and this will continue if we do not conserve the resources we have been given.

It is time to prioritize this critical legislation for the benefit of all Ohioans. I encourage everyone to contact their legislators and ask them to support HB 79.

Jack Joseph, Westerville