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Connect with the African Community to Celebrate Your Cultural Heritage

Somali Link Newspaper in Columbus is a trusted online resource connecting Somali people with their cultural heritage, religion, and people. As a part of the African community, it’s more than important to stay connected to your roots to feel a sense of belonging. To ensure that you’re always connected to your community, our community news brings all updates about Somalia.

Observe religious traditions, celebrate your culture, and stay connected to your roots in Ohio, Minnesota, Columbus, or any other state in the USA.

The community news specifically focuses on what’s happening in Somalia, so you’re always updated about your country. We post news and updates about Somalia, including showbiz, archaeology, business, political unrest, research, religion, sports, wildlife, culture, education, immigration, and much more.

If you want the latest news and updates in the palm of your hand, then the Somali Link Newspaper is the one for you. Check out our website for the latest publications.