Somalia says ‘deeply concerned’ by Kenya’s withdrawal as maritime case resumes


THE HAGUE (HOL) – Somalia has said it is ‘deeply concerned’ by Kenya’s decision to pull out of the maritime case but argued Nairobi had no grounds to take such a move since the International Court of Justice had aceeded to most of its demands,

In his opening remarks at the Hague Monday, Somalia’s principal agent Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled said the Court had been fair to Kenya and should not have pulled out.

“We are deeply concerned that Kenya decided not to take part in this proceedings. Kenya has no ground to complain about its treatment by this court,” Guled said.

Guled also told the Court, Somalia had decided to pursue justice at the UN court after bilateral and diplomatic channels to resolve the case with Kenya failed.

Guled who led the Somali legal team also pocked holes at Kenya’s argument that its sea boundary should run on a parallel of latitude contrary to international practices of the law of the sea. The argument, Mahdi said ‘was made in Kenya’.

Mahdi added that Somalia had forfeited its claim for ‘compensation for the violation of our maritime rights’ but was focused on securing its territorial rights.

Earlier, the Court rejected Kenya’s request to address the Court. Attorney General Kihara Kariuki had sought the Court’s leave to address it to explain Kenya’s reason for withdrawing from the case.

Somalia’s first advocate Professor Alaine Pellet, a French lawyer was first to take the stand via vidoelink.

Two others lawyers, Paul Richler (US), Prof. Philippe Sands (UK) are representing Somalia.
The case continues tomorrow.