South Africa ‘might not qualify for World Cup’ admits new coach, Broos


A bad indication for football enthusiasts in South Africa.

South Africa’s new coach Hugo Broos has admitted that the SA team might not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He further stressed that his major focus, for now, is to rebuild the team.

“We will try to rebuild a successful team. And, you know, when you are rebuilding, there are always moments of weakness. So, it could happen that we won’t qualify for the World Cup. It can’t be a disappointment if we don’t,” Hugo said.

South Africa will face Ghana, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe in Group G of World Cup qualifiers.

The new coach reaffirmed that he will not bow down to pressure and will try his best to outperform.

“I have the experience to be under pressure. I know this country is looking forward to success, and I’m not afraid of that. I know they will be criticizing me. This is the job of a coach. I have the experience with that,” he added.

Since winning the Cup of Nations for the only time as 1996 hosts, South Africa has steadily faded as an African powerhouse and was ranked 15th in the continent and 75th in the world last month.