Uganda AMISOM contingent holds pipping ceremony for recently promoted officers


Mogadishu, Somalia– Recently promoted Uganda army officers currently serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM, have received their new rank insignia while in Mogadishu, Somalia.

In April 2021, a total of 1,393 officers of the Uganda Peoples Defence Force were promoted to various junior and senior ranks. Seventy-seven (77) of the promoted officers are deployed under AMISOM.

The Commander of the Uganda AMISOM contingent, Brig. Gen. Don Nabasa, at a ceremony on Friday, hailed the promoted officers for contributing to ongoing stabilisation efforts in Somalia and urged them to support the implementation of the mission’s mandate.

“I implore you to double your effort and perform better as we continue to pursue peace and stability in Somalia and the region,” Brig. Gen. Nabasa said.

The deputy commander of the Uganda AMISOM contingent, Col. John Winston Mugarura, told the officers that the new ranks comes with responsibilities and urged them to be professional, effective, and efficient.

“As leaders, you ought to understand that the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces under AMISOM, will require you to be accountable and fulfill the mission’s mandate,” Col. Mugarura said.

Speaking on behalf of the promoted officers, Col. David Edimu pledged to serve with dedication and commitment.

“We are making our fair contribution to the Peace Support Operations in Somalia. We will walk with our heads high for contributing to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa,” Col. Edimu said.

Three officers attained the rank of colonel; twelve Majors were promoted to the rank of  Lieutenant Colonel. Another fourteen at the rank of Captain became Majors. Forty-four Lieutenants became Captains, while four Second Lieutenants became Lieutenants.