Somalia’s military liberates 6 villages from al-Shabaab terror group


Army says it made significant gains, inflicted ‘huge casualties’ in operations in Middle Shabelle region.

Six villages in Somalia’s Middle Shabelle region have been taken back from al-Shabaab terrorists, the country’s military said on Wednesday. 

The liberated villages are War Dhagah, War Isse, Gaal Leef, Qoordheere, Jilable, and Ali Fooldheere, located just outside the town of Jowhar, the administrative capital of Somalia’s Hirshabelle state.

Jowhar is a strategic agricultural town that is some 90 kilometers (55 miles) from Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

The army made “significant gains in today’s offensive against al-Shabaab terrorist strongholds … [and] also inflicted al-Shabaab huge casualties,” the Somali National Armed Forces said on Twitter.

The army will continue its operations against the terror group in the region, spokesperson Col. Ali Hashi told Somali military radio.

The military offensive against al-Shabaab comes as Somalia’s prepares for elections this year, with the federal government and regional leaders currently engaged in talks to resolve a deadlock over the polls.