Worthington Kilbourne HS closed again Friday because of threat to school


Worthington Kilbourne High School will be closed again Friday after the school abruptly closed Thursday following shooting and bomb threats to the school.

According to a statement published Friday by the school, the district said the high school would be closed again due to a “specific threat” to the school. It is not immediately clear if this is a new threat or a continuation of Thursday’s investigation.

The Dispatch had previously reported that the principal contacted police Thursday around 7:50 a.m. to report that there had been an emailed shooting threat. Police were on scene, including the department’s counter-terrorism unit.

School administration discovered Thursday that a threat had been emailed overnight that contained both a bomb threat and a threat of a school shooting, according to an email sent from Superintendent Trent Bowers to parents on Thursday.

“We could not, in good conscience, allow the school to remain open without working with local law enforcement,” Bowers said Thursday, which also included the Department of Homeland Security.

Although the high school is part of Worthington City School District, the high school is physically located in Columbus and falls under Columbus police jurisdiction.

The district initially said Thursday that classes would resume Friday, but a Friday morning statement by the district said the school would be closed another day and more information will be released later.